Baking Tools, Decorating Essentials and Kitchen Gadgets

Being an avid baker, my kitchen couldn’t be filled with enough muffin tins, cookie sheets, and seasonal decorations. Pictures below are items that I use daily or weekly to create new recipes.

These are my personal favorite baking tools and gadgets I use in the kitchen. I love having breakfast, lunch or dinner in at home versus going out to eat. There is a lot of joy in having people over for an afternoon tea.  

If you love to bake and decorate then I’ve got the best set of small tools for you. These essential tools are ideal for a kitchen or a small apartment. They’re also great for small spaces or dorms.

Below you will find products I use in my kitchen to bake and decorate with confidence. I do get a small commission when you purchase a product by clicking these links which help support my blog. However, these affiliate links have no effect on the price you pay. Also I have used all these products for my bakery orders and are tried and tested, not solicited. 

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