Health Baking Masterclass

How do you make the perfect loaf of bread from the oven? The answer lies in this workshop! You get to learn everything about bread-making – how best to knead it, how long it should take to rise, what temperature you should bake it at, and much more.

Join our Everyday Bread masterclass & learn simple and easy recipes to make perfect bread.

Course Highlights

Meet your Course Instructor

Dipti Vartak, who has been passionate about baking, has achieved fantastic heights as a cake artist-baker and now as an entrepreneur. Her vision is to set up one million highly valued bakers in India.

Dipti at The Doughty Delight is a professional baker who has been baking for over 10 years and also offers her baking expertise and experience at Dipti Vartak Academy.

Dipti started her bakery with zero baking experience, She is an excellent cake artist who not only runs her bakery successfully but also trains individuals who are interested in learning the art of baking and decoration & has  conducted various workshops, training programs & mentorships sessions & has helped than 1500+ students to master the art of baking .


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