Cake Baking & Icing


Decorating a cake is complicated and time-consuming, and you don’t know where to start. There’s a better way! With our cake decorating course, learn how to decorate your cake with the most advanced techniques in just minutes. The Course offers

✔Professional techniques 

✔Fundamentals of Cake decoration using edible images


Bringing you the master class of cake baking and icing. Baking has been around for centuries, but no two recipes are identical. One of the many reasons people enjoy baking is what it allows them to do – to be creative and make something unique.


So are you ready to get your hands-on learning the right tools required for Baking? Learn to measure your ingredients correctly. Learn to make preservative-free, chemical-free homemade Cake Premixes, Learn to make Cake Sponges. If this sounds exciting to you ! Join me now. 


  •         Learn to bake and decorate cakes
  •         Right Tools Required for Baking
  •         Recommended Tools Required for Cake Decoration
  •         Know your raising agents & essences
  •         Learn to measure your ingredients correctly
  •         Learn to make preservatives free, chemical-free homemade Cake Premixes
  •         Learn to make Cake Sponges
  •         Learn to make perfect piping consistency frostings
  •         How to correctly torte and crumb coat cakes
  •         How to get smooth sides for every cake
  •         Learn to color your frosting
  •         Learn to use different types of nozzles
  •         Learn to make beautiful Whipped cream Piping Techniques
  •         Learn to make beautiful Chocolate truffle Piping Techniques
  •         Learn to make the easiest chocolate mousse frosting
  •         Learn to make scrumptious red velvet monogram cake with cream cheese Frosting
  •         Loads of Classic Flavours (Blackforest Cake, Chocolate truffle Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Mousse cake, Seasonal Fruit              Cake, Fruit Cake, and many more flavours)


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